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The weight distribution seems

Lastly, the red colour would get tarnished in time, but can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol easily. For our review, we received the Red variant and we have to state that this definitely looks very attractive, in a sporty sense. The flap over the charging port protected the inline controls — no water seepage, whatsoever. 1More could have provided an additional flap in the packaging as a replacement, whenever needed. We have used earphones as expensive as Rs 15,000 too, but even though they feature pristine audio performance, they have failed badly even after a few extremely sweaty sessions during a workout. Most manufacturers add this module in the earbuds.2 chip, seamless and faster streaming with the highest audio quality possible, including AAC HD encoding and decoding.

Additionally, the app also has a very handy equaliser that allows you to adjust the settings to suit your need.On the upper-end, the earphones produce a lot of precision and highs were well represented. The earphones also do a fair job in blocking out ambient noises and we found this feature to work extremely well.Features:The 1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth wireless comes loaded with a lot of features, chief of them being the IPX6 certification.Rating: For fitness freaks, we are always on the lookout for earphones that are durable and waterproof. The stand-out USP is the IPX6 rating, which makes them weather resistant — perfect for everyday use for any individual. These accessories can be fitted on easily and it doesn’t any efforts to swap them out with the ones bundled in the packaging. Overall, the audio quality is not dull or drab and listening to music on these earphones is an absolute pleasure.The second notable feature is Bluetooth v4.1More has recently launched an updated version of the iBFree Sport wireless earphones and these come with an IPX6 rating, a significant upgrade from their previous version. However, with the iBFree Sport, 1More has fixed this issue and they now come with a soundstage that is well balanced. The cable is round and smooth, and we would have preferred it flat for a more tangle-free experience. While the earphones can connect to multiple phones, only one phone is actually being used at a time.Battery:The battery life of the earphones are rated at 8 hours on a single 2-hour charge. The brand has added a distinction between the buttons, but accessing a particular button can a be a task, at least initially. As far as mids go, the earphones do not lack here and has a fair amount of clarity and separation. We experienced very heavy rainfall that week.

The standby time here is Zhuji Guanghui Machinery Suppliers a long 90 days, but we recommend topping it up so it doesn’t fail on you. Sadly, these earphones do not feature active noise cancellation, but work well with passive noise cancellation — thanks to the isolation provided by the silicone tips.This unit also features the standard AVRCP buttons for volume and multi-function.Performance:To start off, when we received these earphones for test, Mumbai was busy with stormy weather.One of the biggest gripes we have with conventional sports earphones is that though they may be cost friendly, they usually offer sub-par audio quality and build. However, it will completely depend on the audio track too.1More also has an app for iOS and Android and with it you can speed up the burn-in process as there is an option for it. This allows a user to go for a run even in stormy rains, without the fear of water entering in and damaging the remote module or the earbuds. The earbuds feature oblique angles and curves and it’s a great ergonomic design as we felt absolutely zero fatigue while listening to music for hours together.2. While this is not a deal-breaker, there are earphones that cost half the amount like the Sound One X50 that comes with this little feature. Lastly, the earphones also support quick charge, allowing you to get an hour of run time with just 15 minutes of charge. Also the rubber buttons are black and you cannot make out the markings on them. However, while the button may be convenient, it seems weird for using it only as a power button.

The in-line controls are easy to access to the iBFree, but one issue we faced with it was that they are too close to each other. The charging port is also housed on the side and features a flap that is built well enough to stop water from seeping in and protect it from dust too. Here, 1More has added a dedicated button, which allows you to easily turn the earphones off. And for someone who requires music while working out, sweat can be our worst enemy as they can damage the best of earphones. By doing this, 1More claims that it helps reduce the electromagnetic radiation to the brain. Additionally, the 1More headphones also feature auto power off (in 5 minutes) when not connected to any Bluetooth device, to save on power. The cable is stiff in the initial stage and can irritate you as does not stay in shape. Your best bet would be to buy a third-party case to keep it safe. They come with a neckband style design, so no truly wireless option here. The magnets help securing the earphones around the neck when not in use.Moving on, there are indicator LED lights found within this casing. We liked the hooks here as they were really soft and kept the earphones secure and snug in the ears.Another interesting feature found here is that 1More has added the Bluetooth antenna within the in-line control itself. This is a superb feature that isnt seen on most earphones out there. 1More claims that with their self-invented Bluetooth v4.The in-line controls found here have an interesting design. 1More states that the reasoning behind this is to reduce the radiation emitted from the BT antenna. However, after a few days of use, it gets a little softer and becomes comfortable thereafter.1More, a little-known company that has set foot in India recently, but well known in China for its audio goods. The sound quality is definitely not hissy. However, there are no real complaints about this from our side. The bass tends to get a bit distorted on higher volumes, but not as much that we would knock off any points of the earphones. With great audio performance, and a decent form factor, this baby is something that you should definitely consider, if you are looking for great pair of Bluetooth earphones at a very affordable and attractive price. So make sure you are using music that is genuine so that you get the best audio experience. But its great for those who prefer the security of a cable around their neck. Having a metal chamber, they also look classy and are highly durable.

As for the cable, it doesn’t feel flimsy and it looks like it can take a few snags when pulled against some equipment in the gym, with ease.Design, Build: The iBFree Sport BT earphones come in two colour variants — Red and Black. The iBfree Sport held up really well and even after we were drenched completely — the earphones simply kept going. We need durable earphones as sometimes they get snagged on gym equipment and may tend to come undone. While we like the idea of adding lights, we would have preferred if 1More had added a single multi-colour LED instead of two discreet ones as it tends to look a bit tacky.(Source). We found this to be quite accurate and during a week’s (heavy) usage, we charged this model only a couple of times.Being in-ear earphones, we also noticed that there was no audio leakage even on high volumes. Sadly, the flap is made from rubber, which could probably wear off in time and leave the USB port unprotected, threatening it to beat the waterproof certification.As for the buds, 1More has designed it well by adding a concentric circular design on the rear. We could hear the recipient pretty well too and we have no complaints here even while using the iBFree earphones even in traffic. We absolutely loved how snug these earphones were and even though they were used in workouts (such as frog jumps and burpees), they stayed intact, never loosened, or fell off. With this, we should expect them to survive a few sweaty sessions in the gym or during a run. But no such case is found here.While on test, we used them during indoor workouts and whilst on outdoor runs.Another small feature that we would have preferred on these earphones were magnets at the tips. After the gym, we also used the earphones out in the open one rainy day. These earphones are in-ear and come with three different sized silicone tips and hooks for a customisable fit.

For those who are looking for an earphone that delivers substantial bass output, this is the model for you as the sub-bass is very noticeable in genres such as Hip Hop and Rock. They blink red and blue while pairing or turning off. This is great for those who like to listen to music at work and they won’t disturb anyone else.

The weight distribution seems perfect too, giving it a comfortable wear every time we used it. 1More could have made the button function for something more — maybe use it to conveniently answer/reject calls.Being sporty earphones, the iBFree should have come with a pouch for storing them when not in use. 1More Inc is actually a company formed by three former Foxconn execs that established the company with investments from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi — surprised?Read on to find out if the 1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth earphones are worth a buy or not. Elaborating on the highs, the sounds reproduced are pretty great for a pair of in-ear earphones.During phone calls, we observed that people on the other end were able to hear us perfectly well without any disturbance. In most Bluetooth headsets, we find a combined button (Play/Pause - Power/Pairing) for powering it on or off.While there are plenty of earphones in the market that are durable, we find earphones that are officially waterproof to be quite scarce. So even if you are weary and tired or sleepy, you dont have to stress to hunt for the right button to turn them off.Verdict:The 1More iBFree is priced at Rs 2,999 and we feel that it is one of the best earphones in the market till date.

The case is crystal clear

They added that the tobacco manufacturers "should go to the court if they have an issue with the government’s notification".The comments come a day after major cigarette manufacturers, including ITC, Godfrey Phillips and VST, decided to shut their factories and stop production citing an "ambiguity" in the policy mandating larger pictorial warnings covering 85 per cent of the packaging space. This is a bogey raised by the tobacco industry.

The Union health ministry said there is "no ambiguity" in the policy in this regard and it has been made "crystal clear" that products packaged after April 1 will have to carry larger warnings.Notwithstanding a parliamentary panel’s recommendation for a drastic reduction in the size after it described the proposal for 85 per cent pictorial warning as being "too harsh", the Centre has gone ahead with its implementation. We have clarified that products manufactured after April 1 will have to carry larger pictorial warnings covering 85 percent of the display area".Criticising tobacco manufacturers’ decision to halt production, the Centre on Saturday hardened its stand on the implementation of larger pictorial warnings on such products, saying it will take all the Hosiery Knitting Machine Factory necessary steps to curb tobacco use in the country. Sources said the ministry implemented the decision after the Rajasthan high court directed it to do so."We want to clarify that there is no ambiguity. Our stand is very clear..

The case is crystal clear.The ministry’s September 24, 2015, notification for the implementation of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Packaging and Labelling) Amendment Rules, 2014, which prescribes larger pictorial warnings on tobacco products, came into force from April 1. If they had found an ambiguity, why did they send their letter in March, 2016," a senior ministry official said.The official further added that "they could have done it earlier. We had issued the notification in September last year. Whatever needs to be done to curb tobacco consumption, will be done.

The concept of the plastic

It’s almost been a year since the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation had quite, empathically, announced a statewide ban on the single-use plastic.Hence, in what is rather a landmark achievement, the group is all set to launch India’s first home-compostable garbage bags that uses cornstarch as the base material. However, he realized that there was a general consensus among the population to seek out for the solutions. In one such drive, she discovered that paper straws, which were an alternative to the plastic ones, were in fact not an environmentally friendly choice.

The concept of the plastic ban was to eliminate the plastic to save the environment, and that is something we are very strong upon. Since the paper straws cannot be made from the recycled paper, they are in fact detrimental to the environment. Abhishek Agrawal, who manages the company, says, "One of the most recent hurdles that have come up because of the ban today is that people are unaware of what packaging should be. We also felt that the bans were very half-hearted," delves Aditya.  "We use Bambusa tulda, which is indigenous to North-eastern India. The footwear designer used to accompany her China Zhuji Guanghui Machinery Manufacturers BMC corporator in various environmental drives across the city. "Once you actually come for one of these events, you realise that there is so much waste. And so the resolute youngster founded SuckIN straws that use bamboo and steel alternatives for the plastic and paper straws. In addition to that, Beco’s range of products includes bamboo based tissue rolls, kitchen rolls, facial towels, toothpicks, and earbuds, among others. Talking about it, Aditya reveals, "What matters most to us is that people want to do good but they are not able to do it at their convenient cost or time.

The awareness is zero, people have no idea what to buy, they are buying straws that are made from non-food and even very harmful carcinogenic glues and we don’t have the right kind of infrastructure to deal with  these norms.For Rhea Chhabria, the wake-up call came a year before the ban. We don’t realize that more we consume on a regular basis, the more it’s adding to the waste," says entrepreneur Aditya Ruia, who along with his brother Anuj and friend Akshay Varma founded their start-up Beco that has been rolling out eco-friendly bamboo and corn-starch based lifestyle products, eliminating plastic from their supply chain. But to eliminate plastic, alternatives should be provided and studied to understand how it’s actually impacting.Although, for Pappco Greenware, who are in the business of providing eco-friendly disposable packaging made out of sugarcane for seven years now, the plastic ban was not only poorly implemented but created confusion in the market. In the following months, out of the fear of fees impositions, the ban seemed to have taken a somewhat successful shape, as polythene bags were hardly seen. "The time to reduce, reuse, and recycle is over, now it’s the time to refuse," she says, adding that before buying a product, the consumers need to analyse where the product is coming from, what is going into the product, and where does it eventually go?One such group of people had this realization during their beach-clean up the initiative. Industry opens up and everybody sees the opportunity, but we have got a lot of materials in the market that is not food safe. However, a year later, the city seemed to have lost the momentum of the plastic ban.

But there seems to be a conscious awakening in the lifestyle choices of the individuals and entrepreneurs, who with their innovations and campaigns, truly want to get rid of the plastic menace. So, if they are anyway buying these products, maybe, at a 10-20 higher percentage, they will opt for greener stuff," he says.".During their research, they found out that each household was producing four tonnes of waste per year, and single-use plastic and plastic packaging was causing the most troubles.The 27-year old seconds the popular opinion that the Maharashtra plastic ban lacked proper implementation, although she goes on to say that as consumers, the onus falls on us to be conscious of our choices. We actually use the absolutely dried up edges of the bamboo, so we are not cutting the trunk or hampering the growth process of the bamboo," explains Rhea. "The more we understood the problem, the more aware we became of the entire problem.

PET bottles safe for packaging

"The committee requested Him Jagriti to provide additional information in the test reports which requires clarification and Him Jagruti did provided a response but the core concerns raised by the experts remained unanswered making it difficult to arrive at reliable conclusion in either direction. Bhan to assess the health and environmental impact on the use of PET or plastic container for primary packaging of drug formulations. It however is clear that "this tests have been requested to assure public concerns and not because of any doubt in the committee about the scientific basis of safety of PET packaging," the report further added.

The pharma companies were earlier asked to phase out the use of plastic containers in liquid oral formulations meant for paediatric formulations, geriatrics, women in reproductive age group and pregnant women. Of the 600,000 tonnes of PET production, the pharmaceutical industry uses around 16 percent, accounting for around 100,000 tonnes every year.In what could be a major relief to Indian pharmaceutical companies, a committee of experts on Monday deemed PET bottles safe for packaging pharmaceutical formulations.The ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) had earlier in 2014 proposed a ban on pl-astic containers for oral formulation after the an experts committee and Drug Technical Advisory Board, a statutory board, considered the issue, following a representation from NGO Him Jagriti that raised concerns abo-ut the harmful effects of PET in packaging of pha-rmaceutical products. In an effort to address public concerns and strengthening of regulation for packaging and waste management, the committee has recommended a series of additional tests. PET does not require use of phthalates or any plasticisers in the manufacturing process. According to the report by experts, "Treated soda-lime glass is characterised by high hydraulic resistance and is more suitable to leaching than borosilicate glass." The committee also recommended establishing better standards, regulatory requirement strategies for the country.Further, the committee also noted that National Test House and Indian Institute of Toxicological Research (IITR), labs that conducted tests on PET bottles, have not consistently used rigorous methods for all estimations, reporting of results and choice of standards..

Stating that there was "no conclusive, reproducible evidence to suggest that use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or additive used with it such as antimony for pharmaceutical packaging may leach substances beyond limits that pose threat to human health, the committee of experts, China Hosiery Machine Comapny in their submission to the National Green Tribunal, however said that "treated sodalime glass and regular soda-lime glasses are suitable to leaching". It has also stressed strengthening of regulatory guidelines by prescribing specific methods for disposal of pharmaceutical packaging wastes.

The committee noted "common features of the submitted reports are inadequate reference value for interpreting results." It further said that regular soda-lime glass untreated with moderate hydraulic resistance is more leachable oxide than treated soda-lime glass. 4,000 crore Indian PET packaging industry. However, the experts cautioned about the treated soda-lime glass and regular soda-lime glasses, citing they are "suitable to leaching". The committee in their report submitted on Wednesday said, "Within a robust regulatory system and process with clearly defined standards and requirements, the use of PET as a packaging material for pharmaceuticals can be practised with assurance of safety. Later, the pharmaceutical firmss approached the NGT that directed the MoHFW to constitute an expert panel to study the science behind the issue.K.Thereafter, the expert committee was constituted under the chairmanship of former secretary (department of biotechnology) M." This findings are expected to come as a major relief to the Rs.

It could be a television

Any units of an electronic item that can be opened should be removed and set aside for drying.Water damage can happen in your homes due to flash floods, leaking pipes, overflowing toilets and quite a few other reasons. Since water damaged electronics are dangerous to handle, hire a professional, who is an expert in water damage restoration of these items.

Perhaps the toughest things to restore after water damage are the electronic items present in your house. Remove all battery-backups. Moving these items to a dry area will help ensure that no further damage occurs to these delicate items and help in water damage restoration. 6. Unplug each and every electronic item in your house. The first thing you should do is disconnect all power sources. The expert will have a look at these items and answer these questions for you. Hire a professional to have them looked at before switching them on again. Taking these steps will help in the water damage restoration of your electronic items and increase the chances of them surviving the water damage. If water enters your house, all these items are bound to get affected. . There are a few things, however, which you should do immediately as soon as you notice the water damage.

It could be a television set in your living room. Drying is the most useful step in water damage restoration and will help in preventing further water damage. Extreme precaution must be taken before beginning any water damage restoration methods for your electronics. Unplug your television. Remove all your electronic items from the water damaged area to a dry area. The quicker you cut off the power in your electronic items, the more the chances that water damage restoration methods will help them survive. In Hosiery Machinery Manufacturers each and every room of our house, there is an electronic item. Unplug your washing machine. Make sure you use a soft towel or absorbent paper towel. Make sure that the area is low in humidity and free from moisture. Whether water damage restoration for these items is possible or not? If it is possible, to what extent can they be restored?

What water damage restoration steps you can take as a homeowner to help restore your electronic items? Remember electronics can be dangerous to handle, especially if they are water damaged. Water damage to your property always requires you to take steps for the water damage restoration of each and every article in your house differently. Water and electronics are a dangerous combination. Anything and everything should be unplugged. Water damage restoration of your electronic items requires immediate action from your side.

It could be a computer in the study room. You can begin with your water damage restoration by wiping the exteriors of your items. So make sure that you or any member of your family does not switch on any of the items. Call a qualified professional, who is an expert in dealing with water damaged electronics. It could be the dishwasher in your kitchen. It could be the washing machine in your laundry room. Do not test your water damaged electronic items. Water damage electronic items should always be allowed to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before turning them on.

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